The Turquoise Trail: Jewelry & Ancestral Designs

I draw inspiration for my jewelry directly from my experience working as an archaeologist, where I am able to see first-hand how my ancestors used natural materials to express themselves through their personal adornment.

T-Door mosaic made with Ironwood and turquoise from various mines.

I am drawn to the organic nature of ancestral designs, which is why I choose the styles and materials I work with, such as various turquoise, stone, seashells, and other natural sources.

Various mosaic earring styles, black argillite, cottonwood root & slabs.

I prefer to acquire the materials I use in the “rough”. Meaning that the material has not already been manufactured into a finished state, such as cabochons. Being able to work the material from rough to finished product is part of the appeal of doing this type of work.

As an archaeologist, making my jewelry in the manner I do gives me insight as to the processes, skills and patience that my ancestors used in their own creations. Thus, when I am doing fieldwork and encounter ancestral jewelry, I have a better understanding and appreciation for what they accomplished.

Shell mosaic pendants.

I handcraft wearable artwork such as pendants, necklaces and earrings. My work consists of mosaic inlays, slabs and natural free-forms. I inlay or back my materials in Cottonwood Root that I collect myself. I also use Ironwood, which is slightly heavier, and offers a darker contrast with the stones and shell. I also use various colors and textures of argillite, or pipestone as either a main component or backing.

Mosaic & Necklace Styles
Upper Left: Argillite/Pipestone pendants. Middle/Bottom Left: Ironwood earrings. Right: Black Argillite earrings.

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I am available for commissions, which may require a deposit. Contact me to discuss options. I usually have pieces finished in about 5 business days, depending on complexity, size, availability of specific materials and my current fieldwork schedule.

Jet & Turquoise inlay earrings.

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Turquoise & Shell “Mana” (girl) earrings.