Borne Of Water: A Short Film by The Smoking Section & American Rivers

I was asked to provide some perspectives (and my voice) to this short video featuring some great animations.

Borne of Water illustrates the journey of water, from mountain snow to flowing rivers. Inspired by a historical Hopi event, the film shows how climate change is impacting water and rivers today. Reduced snowpack and shrinking flows impact all who live along the river. Tiyo, a Hopi boy, grows curious about where the water goes once it passes through his village on the Colorado River. To quench his curiosity, he traverses the Colorado River in hopes of saving his village from drought. Through Tiyo’s journey and lessons about what changes and what remains, we find deeper meaning in how water connects us to past, present, and future.”

Watch the video here BORNE OF WATER

This video was produced by The Smoking Section and American Rivers, who believes:

Saving rivers isn’t a choice. It’s survival. Our vision is to keep rivers healthy and free while ensuring people have the water they need. We do it by protecting wild rivers, restoring damaged rivers and conserving clean water for people and nature.

Click the logo below to learn more.

6 thoughts on “Borne Of Water: A Short Film by The Smoking Section & American Rivers

  1. Susan K

    What a cool short film. I saw my fried Fred Phillips in it and that was a lovely surprise. Thank you for sharing Lyle.

    Best regards, Susan Kenzle


  2. Steve Prentice-Dunn

    The film was a welcome reminder of the important and sacredness of water. I enjoyed hearing the story of Tiyo again. Thanks for your contributions, Lyle. They were central.


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