Earth Notes: River House Conservation (KNAU)

My 2nd “Earth Notes” story aired this week, and focuses on the conservation work that is occurring in the Bears Ears National Monument. You can hear the episode by clicking the image below ⤵️

Click Image to hear story.

These short stories are proving to be a fun and challenging way to rework some of my previous writings into something a bit different. I think I have the “formula” down now, it’s just a matter of fitting the story within the word limit. Since most of my story ideas already exist in long-form essays (2,000-4,000 words), I usually start by looking for where I can seperate the essay into 3 or 4 parts.

These become the basis for the 3 or 4 paragraphs of the finished story. The process to edit the essay down to the “Earth Notes” format (250-270 words) requires willingness to let certain aspects of the story go. It’s amazing, to me, that I can essentially transform the essay in length, detail and structure, yet retain much of the original message! Of course I get assistance, but so far my stories required only minimal editing. That’s given me motivation to maybe attempt a subject that does not already exist in long-form. Work it from idea, to “Earth Notes” format, then to essay? We’ll see!

Regarding the conservation work, you can also read more about it here –> Grand Canyon Trust and here–>“Full Circle”

“Earth Notes” is produced by KNAU and the Sustainable Communities Program at Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff, AZ). Learn more about “Earth Notes” and KNAU Radio here –> Earth Notes

Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps – Zuni Crew #640, working at River House. May 2021.

3 thoughts on “Earth Notes: River House Conservation (KNAU)

  1. Leon A. Nuvayestewa Sr.

    Kwak’Khay Lyle, The Earth Notes was both informational and succent. Have you given some thought to continued maintenance of these dwelling? If the Hopi thinking is that these dwellings should “fade-away”, why are we keeping them repaired? I think we are keeping these “places” available for our grandchildren and their grandchildren the opportunity to keep Hopi migration/clan stories spiritually alive. The survival of Hopi tells the story of sacrifice, commitment, and spiritual/humble people who survived to finally settle at “Tuuwanasavi”, the “Center of the Earth”. Best Regards Brother Sakhongvaiya P. S. Keep up the excellent work.


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