Upcoming Release: Becoming Hopi

Cover of “Becoming Hopi”.

“I know my story. But the only real, tangible evidence of the clans being here is the sites, the pottery, and the artifacts. These places make you ponder history”.

~Riley Balenquah, Hopi, Rattlesnake Clan, Paaqavi Village.

I wish my dad could have lived to see this book come to fruition. He passed away in October of this year. I think he would be pleased with the result. It is a direct result of his request, as well as many other Hopi Cultural Advisors, that the Hopi Tribe produce a book that was “written for Hopis”, not academics (although they will learn something too). I think all involved with this book, especially the Hopi, will agree this is damn good attempt.

“Becoming Hopi” is a testament to the breadth of knowledge within Hopi culture, and acknowledgement of all the elders and advisors who have, and who continue to guide us in our current efforts. It also recognizes the collaborative relationships that exist between Hopi and our non- Hopi research associates, many of whom we consider friends.

Pre-order here: https://uapress.arizona.edu/book/becoming-hopi#:~:text=Becoming%20Hopi%20is%20a%20comprehensive,Indigenous%20groups%20in%20the%20world.

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